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Meet me, the architect of balance, championing both, posture and positivity in life.

I am an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, and disability advocate & inclusion ambassador. But out of all these work tags,

I am a fighter and survivor because I am a Cerebellar Ataxia Conqueror.

At the tender age of 10, destiny introduced me to cerebellar ataxia, an uncommon condition that affects balance and coordination, causing movements to become unsteady.

Even though cerebellar ataxia tried to limit what I could do, my spirit burned bright, pushing aside boundaries and embracing life’s beauty with unwavering determination.

I persevered through relentless battles, refusing to relent.

Through the aid of exercises, reiki, meditation, and various metaphysical disciplines, I unearthed the resolution. And I kept my footing firm,

undeterred even on the slipperiest of grounds.

Today, I teach people how to stay grateful to life and God even in the face of adversity. Through my teachings, I aim to shift the perspective of society, encouraging them to view disabilities not as limitations, but as unique abilities that can bring something extraordinary to the table.

Join me in my noble mission,

as together we sow the seeds of positivity and
cultivate a garden of smiles in the lives of all those we encounter.